Lucien - A Hero's Guide

Followers Lucien Can Interact With and Comment On

For the avoidance of confusion, I thought it was worth formally documenting the followers Lucien can interact with and comment upon so far. The mods linked are the SE versions, but if there are LE versions of them, Lucien will work with them on LE. I've broken them down into three categories: 

Level 1 = Lucien is aware of and can comment on this follower, but there are no dialogue scenes.
Level 2 = Lucien and this follower have full conversations created by splicing the original lines found in the game/mod.
Level 3 = Lucien and this follower have full conversations with specially written and voiced dialogue by the original voice actors.

Level 3
Anduniel (Anna NPCs)
Elyndra (Anna NPCs)
Lyra (Anna NPCs)
Mareen (Anna NPCs)
Nadina (Anna NPCs)
Valyen (Anna NPCs)

Level 2
- Delphine
- Esbern
- Lydia
- Vigilance
- Gogh (Creation Club)
Celia the Kettle-Maiden

Level 1
- J'zargo
- Meeko
- Bone Wolf (Creation Club)
- Dwarven Armored Mudcrab (Creation Club)