Lucien - A Hero's Guide

Quests Lucien Can Comment On

I've had a few requests for a list of quests Lucien can comment on, so figured I ought to post one here. My personal recommendation is that you take him with you on your adventures, and don't try to seek out quests on this list, as this will be a far more enjoyable and immersive experience.

I will, of course, be significantly expanding the number of quests Lucien can comment on in future updates, and will add them to the list as I do so. Please be patient with me - I think it's important to do this properly, and that takes time.


Main Quest

- Before the Storm
- Bleak Falls Barrow
- Dragon Rising
- The Way of the Voice
- The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller
- A Blade in the Dark
- Diplomatic Immunity
- A Cornered Rat
- Alduin's Wall
- The Throat of the World
- Elder Knowledge
- Alduin's Bane
- The Fallen
- Season Unending
- Paarthurnax
- The World Eater's Eyrie
- Dragonslayer

Bards College

- Tending the Flames

College of Winterhold

- First Lessons
- Under Saarthal
- Hitting the Books
- Good Intentions
- Revealing the Unseen
- Containment
- The Staff of Magnus
- The Eye of Magnus
- J'zargo's Experiment
- Onmund's Request


- Take Up Arms
- Proving Honor
- The Silver Hand
- Blood's Honor
- Purity of Revenge
- Glory of the Dead

Dark Brotherhood

- Delayed Burial


- Discerning the Transmundane


- Kyne's Sacred Trials
- The Blessings of Nature


- The Golden Claw

Creation Club

Alternative Armors - Dwarven Mail

- Fan Favorite

Alternative Armors - Elven Hunter

- Once A Hunter

Alternative Armors - Silver

- When the Cat's Away

Arcane Archer Pack

- Swift as an Arrow
- Stealer of Souls

Bow of Shadows

- In the Shadows

Forgotten Seasons

- Forgotten Seasons
- The Dwarven Crown
- The Dwarven Horse


- Blue in the Face

Headman's Cleaver

- Blood in the Water

Lord's Mail

- Gift of Kynareth


- Myrwatch

Plague of the Dead

- The Rising Dead

Ruin's Edge

- The Edge of Ruin

Saints and Seducers

- Balance of Power
- Restoring Order
- Amber and Madness Smithing
- Golden and Dark Smithing
- My Pet Elytra (Dementia)
- My Pet Elytra (Mania)
- Nerveshatter
- Staada's Quest


- Through a Glass, Darkly

Staff of Sheogorath

- Put a Fork in It

Stendarr's Hammer

- If I Had a Hammer


- Vile Whispers

Beyond Skyrim - Bruma

- Welcome to Cyrodiil
- Absent Antiquity
- A Delicate Situation
- Against the Cutters
- Service Rewarded
- The Way Home

Moonpath to Elsweyr

- By the Light of the Moon
- The Sweet Taste of Elsweyr
- Incursion
- The Dinner Guest
- Desert Style
- Rebuilding the Past

Moon and Star

- Moon and Star